Self Care for the Work at Home Mom

Self Care for the Work at Home Mom


Women throughout the ages have taken time for self-care. Self-care can help to make us feel and look great. However, most women don’t find the time to take care of themselves. Self-care for mothers is essential for your success! Get some free self-care tips and other self-help for mothers here.


The single most important tip I can offer you regarding my mother’s self-care routine was to make sure she got plenty of exercise in her day. She loved to run every morning, so she had to do that in the mornings and evenings as well. She also loved to take long walks and spending time with her children. Getting her daily self-care routine done in the morning was extremely important for her mental health.

Self Care for the Work at Home Mom

White Space

Another way that mothers can make their self-care routine more effective is by filling it with white space. A lot of mothers have a lot of white space in their lives. They seem to fill this white space with many activities and memories that don’t add any value to their lives. Fill your space with things that add value to your life. You’ll be surprised how quickly this changes your outlook.


Taking a bath is an excellent example of filling your world with white space. When you are a mom, you might feel like nothing else you can do because your infant is sleeping or you are out with the boys. Give yourself a chance to relax in a nice warm tub or, even better, a hot spa. A hot hotel filled with essential oils and warm water can feel great for your stress levels. If you don’t have one of these facilities nearby, try buying an essential oils diffuser and putting some Epsom salts down in the tub with your baby.


Most of us don’t like to fill our bodies with things that aren’t good for us, but we can do anything we want when we are doing self-care. Take a long hot shower instead of a hot bath, or even better, take a long hot bath while reading a book. Reading is excellent for your mental well-being, and it also helps release a lot of tension and feels good. Another great time to do a little bit of relaxation is while you are reading. There are many great books that moms can read to get some essential oils flowing throughout their bodies.

Sit Down With Kids

Moms who are working might find it challenging to get some time away from their kids. It is impossible to run your household by yourself while working, but you can still take a few moments to bond with your kids by simply taking a long walk or sitting down with them in a family room or even in your bedroom.

Many moms find that bonding with their children by just being there with them helps them relax more and go back to who they are inside. A great way to do this is to sit down with your kids and have them tell you what is bothering them. By listening to them, you can identify it and try to solve the problem together. You can use a coloring book to help get your kids involved, and it will be sure to calm them down as they give you their problems.

Quick Walk

Most home moms don’t think about it while in the middle of work because they might not feel like getting out of bed every day. Taking a fifteen-minute walk will make it much more likely that you will get out of bed. Exercising regularly will also increase the likelihood that you will get out of bed and start the day feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever you need to do.

Essential Oils

By taking a few minutes to give yourself some essential oils and aromatherapy treatments, you can relieve your stress and then go outside and enjoy the fresh air for a change. Aromatherapy is excellent for anxiety relief and will help to calm your nerves and make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

There are many essential oils that you can use with your aromatherapy treatments, such as Rosemary, peppermint, lavender, and jojoba. Go outside in the early morning or mid-afternoon for the best results, and let your body relax and rejuvenate. At the same time, you enjoy the benefits of using aromatherapy and self-care routines.

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