Feel Good About Your Body
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7 Tips To Feel Good About Your Body

Feel Good About Your Body

Feel Good About Your Body

When you feel good about your body, chances are you’ll feel good about other areas in your life, too. Feeling good is a state of being, and this vibration and energy in your body can act as a magnetic pull for the things you want in life. Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable in their own skin, and self-esteem is difficult to control. With the right routines, you can boost how you feel about your body. Here are seven tips for achieving better body image:

#1. Hit the Gym

Numerous studies have demonstrated the power of exercise on both the mind and body. Even when the gym doesn’t offer the “instant gratification” that many people crave, it boosts endorphins and gives you that “feel good” sense of self. Ideally, you’ll set regular exercise goals and incorporate exercise into your daily lifestyle. Doing so allows you to reach your body goals and commit to positive and routine habits. And keep in mind that you don’t need a gym to start a healthy exercise regimen. Running in a local park or around your neighborhood or following along with exercise videos on YouTube will also do the trick.

#2. Indulge in the Spa 

One of the best ways to leave your body and skin feeling great is to reward yourself with a trip to the spa. There are many spa areas that can rejuvenate the body, from chromotherapy to saunas to body massages. Unfortunately, many people are so busy with the daily conundrums that they don’t take a day to indulge themselves and pamper their bodies with a few hours of relaxation.

#3. Focus on Mental Health

Sometimes, perception can make all the difference in how you feel about your body. By working on your mental health, you can alter the way you perceive your body. After all, body image is both emotional and mental: the thoughts swimming through your mind when you look in the mirror directly correlate to your mental health. Practicing yoga, meditation, journaling, and attending therapy are all great ways to shift your thought process and look at yourself in a more positive light.

#4. Listen to Music 

This tip may seem arbitrary, but if you’ve ever listened to a song that got you out of a funk, chances are you know exactly what this means. Love songs can put you in a romantic mood, while sad songs can make you feel like wallowing in bed. In addition, aIn addition, a study published in Frontiers in Psychology found that music can boost your mood, which is a great way to get your spirits back up when you aren’t feeling good about your self-image. So, do yourself a favor and listen to some upbeat tunes that get you moving around.

#5. Remove Unwanted Hair

The fact is, removing unwanted hair can make your body feel clean and reduce the amount of maintenance you need to contribute to it regularly. In addition, when you remove your unwanted hair, you can boost your confidence and feel good in your own skin.

#6. Check Out Art

Daily, we are inundated with modern marketing images that depict what an “ideal” body looks like—from thin bodies to long hair and fair skin. But if you go through different art collections—particularly if you head to a museum—you’ll find a wide variety of different body types that have been celebrated through the ages and across all types of cultures. Fine art isn’t built around marketing a product; it’s built around showing and telling a real story, and this immersion can help you pivot the way you think about your own body.

#7. Practice Gratitude 

When you’re in a funk and feeling unhappy with how you look (whether it’s momentarily or long-lasting), try practicing gratitude for the things that make you happy. After all, when you aren’t satisfied with your appearance, it’s easy to feel like nothing else is going well in your life, too. In this case, it helps to take a step back and reassess your situation. Furthermore, studies have shown that people who are grateful and who practice showing gratitude are more likely to take care of their mental and physical well-being.


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